The Owls Are Back: Update on Temple Athletics

It’s been an interesting year for collegiate athletics, but the Temple Owls are looking to increase activity as the pandemic winds down. Temple’s football team began their Spring Practice routine on Monday, April 5th. This will consist of two days of practice followed by one day off until they complete the 15 Spring practices they are allowed by the NCAA. Owls Football began their Spring routine with nine new transfer students – mostly from Power 5 schools. Visit the link titled “Owls Football” below for more info on Temple football’s Spring Program.

Temple Women’s Tennis got off to a hot start this season, losing their first match but following it with a 6-match win streak. After dropping one to Tulsa this past week, the Owl’s Women Tennis team now sits at an impressive 7-2 on the season. They look to pick up another W against North Philly rival LaSalle this Sunday, April 11th. Visit the link Titled “Owls Women Tennis” to keep up with the Owls women tennis team.


Owls Football:

Owls Women Tennis: