The FAQs

The Nest has challenged every cliché about student living and created a unique environment for student success. Even if you’ve had children live away at college before, they’ve never lived like this. So, we’re sure you have a zillion questions about Temple University apartments off campus. Here, we hope are some helpful answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leasing Options

QWhat are my student's housing leasing options?


The lease term is 12 months. 8/1—7/26 @ 10AM

QWhat happens if my student moves out/transfers mid-year?


The Nest’s lease is binding and cannot be broken. If your student cannot live at the Nest after signing the lease, you will need to re-let or find a replacement for the space. Our leasing office can help with this. Ultimately it is the tenant’s responsibility to find replacement.

QWhat if my student only needs Temple University housing for one semester?


Your student can sublease.

QHow long is the lease?


The Nest at 1324 leasing term is August 1st to July 26th.

QWhat if my student needs to break the lease or doesn't return for the spring semester?


The Nest’s lease is binding and cannot be broken. If your student cannot live at the Nest after signing the lease, you will need to re-let or find a replacement for the space. Our leasing office can help with this. Ultimately it is the tenant’s responsibility to find replacement.

QAre units fully-furnished or unfurnished?


The Nest features fully furnished apartments.

QWhen are final contracts due?


Once lease is sent, you have 30 days to return.

QIs there insurance coverage in the event of a fire, theft or natural causes? Does the lease provide coverage for my student's belongings?


The Nest’s insurance will not cover personal belongings. That’s why we strongly recommend getting renter’s insurance for your student’s apartment. It’s fairly inexpensive and will cover personal belongings were something to happen.

Unit Options

QWhat student apartment plan options are available?


Studios, two bedrooms with one bath, three bedrooms with two baths and three bedrooms with one shared bedroom and two baths

QWhat are the cost differences?

We offer studios, two bedrooms and three bedrooms shared and private units.
Studios: starting at $1,599 (per month)
Two Bedrooms: starting at $1,199 (per student, per month)
Three Bedrooms Options:
  • Shared Bedrooms* starting at $799 (per student, per month)
  • Private Bedrooms starting at $899 (per student, per month)
  • Private Bedrooms with private bath starting at $1,199 (per student, per month)
*Shared bedrooms are double occupancy and can be shared with a close friend. See floor plans 3B, 3E and 3F.
Cost may vary based on availability and floor. Please contact the leasing manager for more information.

QDoes my student have the option to choose?


You can choose the option that works best for your student. We have a roommate matching system.


QWhat’s included and not included in the apartment rentals?


Each rental unit is fully furnished and includes: cable, electric*, internet, WiFi, a TV, kitchen appliances, washer and dryer. Rent does not include premium TV cable channels.

*Monthly electric cap. Contact for more details.

QIf there are utilities not included, who are the providers?


All utilities are included. Electric comes with monthly cap. Contact for more details.

QHow and when do I pay?


It is convenient to have rent deducted from your checking account each month.

QCan I pay the entire year in advance for a reduced rate?


Yes, we don’t apply fees if paid in full.

QAre there financial aid options?


Yes, a student can use their student loan to pay rent.


QWho will be working in the building?


There will be an onsite manager, office staff, 24/7 security and maintenance staff.

QWhat if maintenance is needed?


No problem. Just go to the resident portal on the website and fill out a maintenance request. If it’s an emergency, notify the front office immediately.


QIs there a roommate matching system?


Absolutely! If your student is looking for a roommate, just let us know more about what you’re looking for in a roommate. Based on that data, we work to try to find the ideal match.

QWhat if my student does not want/can’t have a roommate?


Studio options are available.

QWho do students talk to if they have a problem with a roommate?


We recommend that they work out the issues with their roommate.


QAre there any building-wide activities/events?


Monthly meet and greet events are planned so that your student gets to know the other students in the apartment building.

QWhat are the transportation options to campus?


The Temple campus is just a couple of blocks away and is easily walkable. Also, there is a free and secure bike rack in the building. Temple University also offers the LOOP to Temple students.

QHow convenient is the building?


Besides being a stone’s throw from campus, The Nest sits right atop the SEPTA Broad Street Line and offers easy access to Center City and the Sports Complex. There’s also a fresh grocer nearby, and beautiful intramural sports fields.


QDo you allow pets?


No. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at The Nest. Not even owls. Service animals are permitted with medical documentation provided by a licensed doctor.

QHow does my student receive mail/packages?


There is a parcel room on the first floor, and students can check the monitor to see if there is a package to pick up.

QWhen is the earliest/latest to move in?


Give us a call to schedule your move-in!


The common spaces are always clean and all of the staff is attentive and easy to work with!


Maintenance is excellent


Absolutely love the property and the atmosphere


Offers really great amenities and the apartments are super nice and modern!


Living at the Nest has been a dream come true; I always wanted to wake up to the Philly skyline in my window so that’s awesome. Also, I feel really safe with the 24/7 security team.

—Brian N.

Very clean building; Maintenance is extremely fast and easy

—Mohaimenul I.

The Nest is a great place for international students. They made me feel at home, and the staff is really friendly

—Sujan R.

The Nest is the ideal college apartment building…it has everything!

—Bridget F.

Great apartment complex with highly friendly staff. Highly recommend any Temple Student to lease here.

—John T., Student