Philadelphia Experiences Largest Snowfall in Five Years


Snowfall began in Philly the night of Sunday, January 31st, and continued until Tuesday afternoon, resulting in the largest snow accumulation the city has seen in over five years. Final snowfall totals topped ten inches in parts of Philly with the Temple area seeing 6-8 inches. When Monday morning came, some Nest residents bundled up and played in the snow while others cozied up by the fireplace in the Second Floor lounge. Either way it was a memorable first snow day at the Nest! Snow is still on the ground in Philly and the surrounding areas but there are plenty of options for those looking for fun. BeWellPhilly published an article highlighting their favorite trails in Philadelphia for cold-weather runs. If going out in the cold isn’t your thing; Thrillist also published an article highlighting the most anticipated movie releases of early 2021. Whether heading to the trails or the store for movie snacks; Be safe and enjoy the snow! For any questions call the office at 1-484-365-1324 or email